Proof is in the “Poo-Ding”

Just a little more on German toilets.

Obviously this is going to be an experience that most expats and tourists go through when they come to Germany. Some habits are easy to change, some really get personal and some get you right in the arse. Doing a Google search reveals the truth in what I say here.

I’m certainly not the only one to have had such observations, and with regards to some, I’m actually holding myself back still in comparison. But in the end (cough) it all ends up the same.

So future wedding guests: please don’t change your plans. In fact keep in mind that in France you could be confronted with figuring out the mechanics of two foot impressions on either side of a hole in the ground.

Here is one of my favorite accounts, including a nice exerpt about local thrones in Bavaria, from someone who obviously never had anyone explain to them the whole toilet brush deal, among other misunderstandings. But it makes for good bus/train commute reading you could spontaneously read aloud:

Favorite exerpt: At the other extreme, in Munich we lived in a basement suite where the water pressure was too high. Worse, the shelf was actually slightly concave, forming a shallow bowl. The first time I flushed the toilet the water came rushing through so forcefully that a small chunk of poo launched off the lip and shot out over the floor.

Now things never got quite so aerodynamic in my experience but there were a few times when I was worried for a second or two!



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