Storm a’ Comin’

Storm Comin’

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You know spring is here when the rain / thunderstorms start rolling in at about 4pm.

This was the view today out of my office window. In late summer those green fields are being harvested by strapping, young, Bavarian farm boys, gathering potatoes in lederhosen, shirtless in the afternoon sun.

After watching them toil away, with hardly a break I finally, really, understood the need to let loose, get drunk and act stupid at events like Oktoberfest.

It also really put the spoiled idiocy of the frat boys from back home into perspective. Not that I ever was under the impression that they were rocket scientists letting off steam or anything. Just now they had even less of a reason for being…how they are.

I love watching the summer storms roll in. I never really mind being caught out in them either.


2 responses to “Storm a’ Comin’

  1. After paragraph 2, I thought paragraph 3 would have you and the other women of the office standing at the office window watching the boys take a diet coke break!

  2. yeah, that’ll come when I have a pic to back it up.