We Are So Amused

Although I normally stay away from politics and all but the most insiginificant of current events (plenty out there do it much better than I even care to try), this could not be ignored. First reading about George Bush being lampooned at the White House Correspondents Dinner and then watching it unfold here (pt 1), here (pt 2), and finally here (pt 3).

So few presidents have found themselves so disliked that they have found themselves in such a situation that renders them a captive audience to public humiliation of this degree. (And I’m sure he’ll be angry in a few days when his aides finish explaining to him what was said) This one deserved it in spades.

Stephen Colbert: I hope that despite all the cavity searches I am sure you will have to endure for the duration of this administration you will never doubt the beauty of what you accomplished this night.

Laughter is good therapy. This was a lunch hour well-spent.

Stephen Colbert is my new hero. I wish I had cable so I could watch him all the time.

UPDATE: Now we all know why I don’t bother with linking or trying to comment on current events. About ten minutes after I put up the links to Colbert’s speech they pulled it off YouTube.com for copyright infringement. Let’s all go back to the regularly scheduled program, shall we?

UPDATE Pt.2: Thanks to Sarah for pointing out Google video still has the Colbert footage, also without any annoying breaks in between.


2 responses to “We Are So Amused

  1. Stephen Colbert absolutely rocks… I just hope he doesn’t get dixie chicked!

  2. You know, as a not-particularly-patriotic American, this video made me feel rather “rah rah USA!”

    I despise George Bush, and I’m sure he would’a put the kabash on this speech real fast had he known what was going to be said…but nonetheless, Steven Colbert said all of this stuff about the prez while standing like three feet away from him. Now that’s free speech, baby!

    By the way, the clip, as of yesterday, was still available on Google video.