Heard within one week

Two comments from work colleagues when they learned that I was engaged:

Monday: (perky 25-yr old): Oh…really? How old are you? 30? That’s about time isn’t it? Are you going to have kids right away?

Wednesday: (technically single project manager who is moving in with his girlfriend next week): Oh, you’re engaged huh? I guess that means you’ll be getting pregnant soon and leaving us… or are you pregnant already?

We are certainly no longer in the land of opinions masked/muzzled by fear of litigation. No way.

(And no I’m not and no, I’m holding out for a cat first.)


2 responses to “Heard within one week

  1. Yep, I never thought I’d miss the unsaid/unfinished thoughts of near strangers. I guess Joni Mitchell was right… you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

  2. Yep. I love that everyone looks at me like I could erupt or explode at any time. They call women in their 30’s here ticking time bombs ’cause they all blow off for 3-5 years to have kids but still…