Saturday kidnapping

Bachelorette Party

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Plans for last minute shopping and organizing for the wedding went awry on Saturday when we turned up for brunch at Oliver’s sister’s apartment. Instead of a nice long breakfast with friends, Oliver was blindfolded and marched out to a waiting taxi and whisked off to places unknown in the company of his best friends.

I was instructed to change and found my dirndl waiting for me in the guest room, laid out on the bed, complete with socks, purse and wreath (Someone has been abusing their spare key privileges). After a champagne breakfast I was taken out into the Bavarian countryside and presented with tasks and challenges to complete before being allowed to go home. These included a DaVinci code-like examination of the oldest church in Bavaria, a pilgrimage to a shrine to make a wish and a hike through the countryside to a farm where I had to tend to the animals, gather 2 dozen eggs and milk ten cows.

Returning to the city, we hit the town (still clad in dirndls) ending up a dark bar called Tabacco surrounded by 50 tax lawyers in tuxedos. In between cocktails I was given several alternatives to marriage next Saturday and managed to resist every offer, making it home unmolested.

Challenges passed!


3 responses to “Saturday kidnapping

  1. I’ll take the opportunity now to offer you nothing but the best for your upcoming wedding!!

    Enjoy the day & for god’s sake, have the most fun allowed by law!

  2. Hey!

    Thanks for the tip about my shower situation! I’m not sure whether I want to start pushing for this and that with my landlord or not (he’s a lawyer)….I’m just not that kind of person. But we’ll see…if this goes on until next week, I’ll start throwing a bit of tantrums.

    So you’re getting married? Congrats!

    Have we met? Maybe on TT events? I don’t think I’ve met a Megan from SF yet.

  3. B. – Thanks! and we will! Remember how much wine we have and there’s a dozen bottle of schnapps making the rounds too. Pictures will be posted at a later date…

    Elemmaciltur – You’re welcome (I support clean people!), don’t be angry or provocative but you are entitled to a quick repair, especially since you just moved in, and if he’s a lawyer he should respect your rights. No we haven’t met, I don’t do TT events, too many of my work colleagues go there. 🙂