Sorry but here it is

I feel like I first have to apologize to B. who, in a review of SHSF, had congratulated me on not obsessing about the wedding (WHICH IS ON SATURDAY). B., hide your eyes, get ready, because I’m going to have to let you down a little.


So many things have been going wrong, or at least awry, I think they deserve mention. Some are funny, some are not. Funny would include the fact that yesterday I had to go emergency shopping because Oliver, in a moment of maddness, decided to do laundry and in the process washed most of my underwear with a pair of dark blue socks. His jeans are all now, well, bluer, no biggie, but I didn’t know you could dye dark red panties black with blue socks. World: learn from this experience.

Funny would also kind of include the fact that, Oliver has decided that his outfit clashes with the first outfit I’m wearing for the civil ceremony on Saturday, he isn’t allowed to see the other dress and let’s just hope he doesn’t think the same thing when he sees it. He wants to go shopping on Friday for a new shirt and tie to rectify the situation. Yeah last minute shopping!

Not so funny, but still amusing, is the fact that it will rain (75% chance) on my wedding day, which puts the outside portion of the event in question. As long as we keep Oliver’s mom a little buzzed, no one will shed too many tears, so that one’s still ok.

My co-worker just quit, guaranteeing me a double workload from almost the moment I come back. I’m not even certain my company will motivate to replace him and no one will replace the great work chemistry we’ve had. I am sad about this.

One of the few Americans able to come to the wedding was benched at the last minute with a burst appendix. She’s one of my wonderful and funny aunts and would have had a blast here in Germany. I hate that her whole Paris vacation had to be cancelled. She’s a saint because she’s still recovering and yet sent her husband off to go anyway. Dave is also wonderful and funny and I’m lucky to have him there.

The kicker/bonus point is this: Oliver is at an interview, right now, which is scary because if they offer him something he likes it means we’ll marry and he moves out to Regensburg for the work week and lives with me on the weekend.

OK, good, glad to have that out. People, wish me luck, and maybe a little sunshine…?


7 responses to “Sorry but here it is

  1. Good luck! And I will wish you loads of sunshine, because weddings should have it if possible, but also because if you get sunshine, so will I, and I think I’m starting to grow moss on my north side.

  2. Oh wow, we almost moved to Regensburg. We had a choice between Infineon Regensburg (which was… by far… the prettier of the two) and Dresden. Since the position in Dresden didn’t involve eventually moving to China, we went with it.

    About the wedding… you have every right to not only mention it, but obsess over it! I just said I admired your restraint. If I were in the midst of wedding planning you can bet your ass my blog would reflect it. lol

    I’m sure there’s a ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ colloquialism for your wedding worries, but since I can’t think of one I’ll just say… It would be a shame to waste a second of one of life’s best days worrying about things you can’t change.

    Having said that, I’ll be willing sunshine your way. 🙂

  3. Good luck and congratulations on the upcoming nuptuals! Feel free to freak out all you want, take pleasure in it, and in the end, relax and enjoy what unfolds. That goes for the wedding plans, as for your work situations, I can only say I hope it all works out so that you can wake up next to each other every morning.

  4. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Bonita, Brody and I sincerely hope you have the best day full of sunshine and merriment :o)

    Also – remember that no-one knows what you were planning down to every detail so if something goes awry just pretend that’s the way you planned it anyway!

  5. Did Dave make it? After he hit the German border and the French GPS refused to speak to him, we were a bit worried!

    Don’t worry – your wacky and wonderful Aunt Jodee is being well looked after and is recupping wonderfully. The Dr. told her to walk so we walked the streets of Carmel and every cute boutique between Aptos and there –

    Also rain on your wedding day is supposed to be very good luck!

    Wishing you and Ollie all the best in the world –

    I think it is very safe to say that I won our bet even though I gave you back the dollar!

    Love you bunches!

    Your other Wacky Aunt Joan

  6. Finally I can report back:

    Thanks for those wishes sent by email, phone and website.

    It did rain, but stopped before anything got underway.

    Uncle Dave made it AND danced the whole night through, winning the wedding guest trophy. We all wondered and worried a bit about Jodee, though.

    and finally, if I can say so myself, it was a beautiful wedding and an even better party. Can’t wait to share pictures.


  7. Uncle Dave

    Congratulations Megan !!!!! It was the best wedding and party this old man has ever been too. You have a wonderful new family and your friends are the best ever. Oliver is a saint by the way.
    Love, Uncle Dave