Best gift wrapping ever

bit of luck

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I’m still struggling to emerge from the mountains of tasks left undone during the time leading up to and following our wedding last week. Now that my last family members have left Germany and we’re both back to work, we can finaly get started. High on the list of priorities is calling and writing thank you’s to everyone. This priority will preclude any further posting for a few days.

But I still just had to share to greatest packing a gift ever came in.

Two guests were unable to attend but sent a present anyway. The present arrived in the hands of a chimney sweep, in traditional garb with brushes, top hat and covered in soot. She showed up in the receiving line to deliver their their well wishes and regrets that they couldn’t be there, gave us both a kiss and a squeeze, tipped her hat and went on her way.

I’m hoping she also clicked her heels in the air as she strode off back into the land of Mary Poppins.

More pictures soon, I hope.


3 responses to “Best gift wrapping ever

  1. Wow, that’s one real creatve gift! I wouldn’t ever have thought of it!

  2. Marc Andrews

    You know – in England a chimney sweep at your wedding is good luck!

    Don’t ask me why but I’m sure one could find out online somwhere!!!


  3. We were all wondering what the chimney sweep was doing in the reception line. Uncle Dave