Getting ready

Getting ready

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TGIF… or sort of. It is Wednesday but tomorrow is a holiday in Bavaria so I’m off until next week. Oliver and I are headed for a 30th birthday party in London, where we’ll meet up again with my brother and make sure he and his wife leave the EU on Saturday. We’re happy to be guests again.

Of course I can’t run off for the weekend without sharing something more about the wedding. So here we go.

We had two ceremonies in one day. The first was a civil ceremony held at a country farm just outside of Bremen and the second was two hours later in the middle of the park in the center of town.

The first ceremony was completely in German, and the second ceremony was completely American. It was open air, minus a priest and mentions of God, led by a theologist whose local claim to fame was having done a B celebrity wedding on a reality show last year when he married Sarah Conner to an American rock star (of the David hasselhof variety) on a beach in Spain.

Weddings like we have in the US (ie without a church or a priest, maybe on a beach with a friend officiating) do not exist here. You either marry in a church or at a city hall location. We were lucky in Bremen that they had a farm set aside for this purpose that was adorable, but it still wasn’t big enough for all of our guests. For us marriage is meant to be a public declaration in front of our loved ones of our commitment to one another, so everyone had to be there. This is what led to us finding the man who married us in the park, in the middle of a beer garden, in front of a whole lot of confused Germans who had no idea what they were watching, but thought it was pretty cool (especially the uninvited partons of the rest of the beer garden).

The second ceremony gave me an excuse to have a wedding dress. I never dreamed of weddings, but I always hoped to buy a dress from Dark Garden in San Francisco and I was thrilled to have my chance. It really seemed meant to be, because when I contacted the proprietess about how we could logistically do this, it turned out she had connections in Munich she visited often and we were able to do half of the fittings and consultations in Germany and half in San Francisco. The result was beyond my wildest expectations. Anyone out there considering marrying, dresses, etc. take note: this woman works miracles.

You can see for yourself at this flickr slideshow (hopefully, if the link works).


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  1. Bonita, Marc and Brody

    WOW!! You look gorgeous! What did you wear to the first ceremony? More photos, please!! Have a great time in London, wish we were there to meet up for a drink! Maybe in the fall…


  2. You looked so pretty. What a great dress!