It ain’t over

When taking a work colleague visiting from the USA downtown today, we had a little reminder that this is a) not Chicago and b) Germany may be out of the running for first place but the game isn’t over.

(Attention: Travel Tip)

Sitting outside at Frauenplatz, in the shadow of the famous onion-domed Frauenkirche is the Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom. A very old Bavarian restaurant with a very long name, it is the best place to go and have Bavarian food. Usually I don’t go because this doesn’t include food for vegetarians like me, it’s a meat eaters’ paradise. But now that it is under new management there is a vegetarian dish on the menu and one choice is better than none.

We sat down outside and ordered drinks. Behind us, a television was set up to show the night’s game, Portugal vs France. After the waitress left, four men brushed past as they left the seating area by way of the space behind my chair. Looking up at the one in the middle, I gave an uncharacteristic chirp of recognition, causing him to turn around, look down and smile before continuing on, surrounded by men in inconspicuous grey suits, with conspicuous tan coils running from their collars to their ears. The soccer scarf hanging around his neck gave explanation for his presence in Germany and the food served soon after to my colleague gave reason for his presence at Nuernberger Bratwurst.

Lifting up my wine to tap to her glass, I said to my colleague,

“That was Prince Albert of Monaco, I think I’m routing for France.”


3 responses to “It ain’t over

  1. I live in Munich for six years now and I still haven’t bumped into anybody THAT famous. *sobs* (Lawdy, I’m pathetic)

  2. Love your blog site design
    Very fancy
    I love the stories you tell. My best friend married a Man in Ulm and she now resides there. Your stories totally make me miss my friend even more. Congratulations on your new life in DE.

    Bratwurst is awesome…..But i totally understand your choice as a vegetarian. Wow! Prince Albert?
    Thats cool!


  3. thanks, Marisa. I can’t take all the credit for the design. I tried to visit your site but it’s ‘member’s only’ in the comment section.