It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming….

Long Live the New Washer!

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If you haven’t been here, listening to the radio, hearing the songs, you won’t get the underlying nod to the World Cup in the title. Instead you will think I am nuts about the new washer, like some newly minted 1950’s housewife.


By Wednesday I won’t be handwashing things in the sink anymore.

This is worth celebration.


3 responses to “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming….

  1. I don’t understand your elation….doesn’t this mean the new washer has to go to Italy? Uncle Dave

  2. Woohoo to machine washed clothes!! Is there a matching dryer in your future, too?

  3. Hi Dave! – No, but I am willing to outsource, my housecleaning already goes to Poland.

    B. – Not yet. No room. We looked at one of those combo deals, but I just couldn’t accept that it worked, it was too $$ anyway, and it was smaller. The big stuff we send out anyway, the apartment is too small to hang dry more than one sheet. (one of the only advantages to having no space)