Viva Italia

Viva Italia

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We are approaching five days since the World Cup went to Italy and the euphoria still abounds. People are still wearing the t-shirts, the songs are still playing on the radio and the jaunty flag is still attached to colleague Pietro’s hat when he rides his bike to the office.

Germans seems happy with third place and there could be some consolation in the fact that the one team that beat them won the cup. If you’re gonna be beat, let it be only by the best.

Munich is a great place to get Italian pizza in part because it is only about an hour and half drive away from the mothership. Someone told me last week that it is the largest Italian town outside of Italy and although that might be stretching it a bit (that same person said the same thing about Turkey four years ago during the last Cup) we do have a lot of Italians in this city. There are enough of them here to support the massive parade that took over the streets Sunday night, effectively shutting down traffic in the city center until the wee hours of the morning and inspired such decorating efforts like the one shown here.

As of this morning, it is still there.


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