Familiar Face

Wired July 2006 issue

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Flipping through Wired magazine the other night, page 172 revealed a familiar face. Oliver’s sister had a brief career as a photo model before moving on up into the sky (she’s a flight attendant, not dead). Four years ago she did a one day shoot for a flat fee and signed away all further rights to the photos.

Since then this one photo has continued to pop up and surprise us all. When you take into account the number of times we’ve simply stumbled across it (4), one can assume that it’s been in use quite a bit more often than that. The previous time we found her, she was the front page for Rexona deodorant’s German website, this time she’s hawking the internet itself.

She’s not bothered by the lack of royalties. I agree and told her,

So far so good. No ads for condoms, incontinence, or constipation.


2 responses to “Familiar Face

  1. I feel bad that I don’t have an impossibly long bizarre link ; presumably to porn , withwhich to reply to your blog.
    Uncle Dave

  2. Yeah, I’m sorry too Dave. And now before you have a chance to rectify that I have to burst your bubble. Spam is getting so fucking ridiculous here I’m turning off the comments. My own fault for putting the words ‘condom, incontinence and consitpation’ in there.