Technical Headaches

Looks like I’m going to have to be vigilant from now on about the comments here as I am currently under spam attack. They started creeping in about a year ago and have become increasingly bold in the last few months. It has been no fun logging and seeing my site swamped with crap that I then have to clear out before I can start with the fun stuff.

It has been su*cking away all my enthusiasm for this medium, lemme tell ya.

So I have gone back and turned off all the comments and trackbacks (which I never saw the benefit of anyway). Sorry. It was always fun to find new comments in old entries but now we’ll have to do without as lately I’m finding more invites to donkeyshows at the rate of 30 to 1.

Of course I am sure there is a better solution but as I’m clueless about these things, and live with a scientist and not a programmer, there is little hope I will figure that out soon. Those of you who don’t believe me can look to the right of the screen and notice that I have never, ever, managed to find where the data for links are stored and have therefore never been able to add links to my favorite sites in my links section. (which is why yours isn’t there)

Lesson learned here: forget about wanting an easy-to-remember web address and avoid the site designers who start work and then go on maternity leave indefinitely and never answer another email. Use a free blogger service that gives you easier-to-apply spam filters and technical advice.

Huh. Live and learn.


8 responses to “Technical Headaches

  1. Megan,
    Can you ask someone to help you turn off the spam?

  2. If only ‘turning off spam’ were that easy…I’m using software I don’t understand, I don’t understand it because I let someone else help me with it. I think my answer may lie in an English bookstore with a section entitled “How to… for Dummies”.

  3. No more donkey shows!?!??!?!? Rats!!!

  4. Spam is everywhere and annoying as he**. You could always make people register to post… and then allow only registered users to comment. That’s one way around it.

  5. True, true… I’m almost at that point, but it’s so annoying for people to have to do that. Rrrr.

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  8. Ok, I left in two spams and deleted the other seven, just to prove my point. I think saying donkey show was just too tempting.