No longer waiting in the Outbox

Tuesday August 15, 2006

Dear Henry n’ Lulu,

I’ve been keeping an eye on your site, waiting for the chance to buy the Flipper Slippers and coordinating Croak Coat. To my frustration, for some time now I haven’t been able to find the Croak Coat for sale. Am I looking in the wrong place? I would appreciate help in solving this little problem, as I would very much like to buy the complete set (let’s face it, Flipper Slippers without the Croak Coat would just look plain silly). This is intended for a small baby boy who was born yesterday – five weeks too early – hence the urgency of my request; I’ve just run out of time to wait.

Yours respectfully,

Auntie Megan

Flipper Slipper.jpg


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