Hi and gone again

After a whirlwind business trip in Chicago last week I flew home to Munich (economy class this time). I arrived to Oliver waiting for me at the gate (7:45 am on a Sunday, he’s working towards sainthood) and a broken suitcase waiting for me in baggage claim. Although I’d checked, offered, and gotten there four hours early, ‘homeland security’ decided to take a crowbar to my suitcase in order to ensure safety of all onboard. I can’t help but think that they took extra vicious glee in breaking the locks on Oliver’s new Lufthansa edition Rimowa suitcase.

I’m guessing the culprit was the six bottles of fat free ranch dressing I was carting back to my sister-in-law. Whatever they put in that crap, it can’t be all that great.

We were able to have the locks replaced on site at the airport for 50 euros but that doesn’t cover the actual cracks and dents to the case itself. At least we can fly with the thing because we leave again on Tuesday. The rest we’ll deal with when we return.

Lesson learned, despite whatever the idiots at check in tell you, locking your suitcase is no longer an option, you just can’t fly with anything you’re worried about losing. Forget about assurances that they’ll call you if they need anything, now the officious arseholes in security finally have a reason and excuse to go all out on your possesions and they will, with pleasure.

I know I know I know…

Anyway, Tuesday it all starts over again. We get to San Francisco in the afternoon and head straight to Sacramento and beyond. Oddly enough I ran into a bunch of folks who normally head to the same destination this time of year but were opting out this year in favor of some super secret art installation in Chicago. All the same it’s fun to run into others who make the pilgrimage this time of year.

We’ll be heading out to where it all started, where we met. It’s always been our personal anniversary, this camping trip with friends, and this will be my ninth year running. Hard to believe, even harder is the fact that I just got back this morning and I will be flying out again Tuesday.

August is always nuts.


2 responses to “Hi and gone again

  1. Whoa…if I were you, the people at the airport would have one crazy asian to deal with…

  2. When I return from my first post-move visit to america my suitcases will be full of fritos, sugary cereal with marshmallows, and any sort of mexican food I don’t think will spoil mid-flight. Customs will have a field day with me!