Meanwhile, back on the farm…

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Oink, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

Getting into a cab in North Beach the other night, my cab driver greets me with a question:

“Tell me, what are you supposed to do if you start your shift and the new guy from Syria who shares your car during the day leaves this on the seat?”

and holds up a copy of Aviation magazine.

I looked for the hidden camera, but never found it.

Back in Bavaria on Thursday.


4 responses to “Meanwhile, back on the farm…

  1. Good to see you made it home safely….it was wonderful to see you and the German Contingient again! Uncle Dave

  2. Thanks for all your help. It was a gorgeous evening, thanks in no small part to the both of you. -Megan

  3. Glad to have you back in the Blogosphere….and wow, impressive spamming on your blog!

  4. It was great to see you and Oli at the party – we all had a great time – especially Brody!!!

    Marc, Bonita and Brody