This is Sunday so this must be Munich

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Sushi orgy, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

One week Chicago business trip + two weeks California vacation = one hell of a jetlag hangover.

We arrived on Wednesday but I’m still fighting my way through the jetlag that’s been dogging me extra hard this time. After a week of work in Chicago, and only one full day in Munich to pick up Oliver and fly back, I was sailing through the time change with ease when we were on vacation. But now the gloating is coming back to haunt me.

I’m still waking up at 4am and staring up at the ceiling, but I’m no longer giving up falling back asleep and watching TV. I’m slowly progressing towards European time again.

In addition to eating our way through a food to-do list (including As Much Sushi As Humanly Possible) and our annual pilgrimage to the desert, we took part in the one-time-only production of “The Wedding – Part II” for all our family and friends who couldn’t make it across the ocean for Part I.

This event will be among the many I’m trying to find sufficient adjectives to describe at this moment. First things first though. I’m working on staying awake past 7pm.


3 responses to “This is Sunday so this must be Munich

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  2. Wedding III????

    You guys are super-troopers!!!

  3. This very morsel resembles to the one we ate in A La Carte Restaurant, staying in Volcano View Hotel in That morsel was made of fish – sturgeon, turned into rice+crab mingle-mangle. I don’t know how they did it but it was very -very unusual yummy.