To the wretched woman who magically materialized in front of my shopping basket at the supermarket, when I briefly turned my back to grab some chocolate from the ‘impulse rack’:

I’m not stupid, I know what you did.

It just turned out to be easier to switch to the next line where the cute, eager and superfast Thai woman was on the register, than to confront you with your even-too-much-for-Germany boldness and reinvent the way you eat sauerkraut, or pelt you the back of the head with fresh produce.

Sailing out of there ten minutes later, leaving you stuck behind two people seemingly intent on counting out their tab in small change was justice enough.

I hope you’re still there, wench.


4 responses to “Karma

  1. heehee hee! I hate that German habit. I feel like swatting my bf everytime he does it, with his perfected expression of complete oblivion to others. Everyone is always staring as I tell him how rude he is to cut off the other nice people standing there waiting. His response, always the same, is that he is actively queueing. I think I’m going to start actively elbowing.

  2. I was unaware of this “German” trait. Is it acceptable to thump such an individuals head from behind? Dave ;’)

  3. Hahaha, don’t you just hate that? Having been with Frank – and he’s the walking verbal whiplash -, I bet that if I were in your position, that woman probably got some really nice comments from me. 🙂 But yes, Karma went on and did her job alright. :-p

  4. Wow… east germans must be more polite. I’ve never had that problem. They’re probably still afraid that open acts of aggression will be met with a beat-down by russian soldiers.