Out of the Frying Pan…

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Oktoberfest 2006, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

… and into the Feier!

(Sometime late Sunday night, a deranged sorority brat shamelessly messed with my content. She has since been disposed of in a painful yet effective manner and all errors hopefully have been corrected.)

After a little more than a week, the jet lag is finally wearing off but the action never seems to stop. After flying to the US to have our annual romp in the desert (our anniversary), Oliver and I joined my family in celebrating “The Wedding, Part II” at my parents’ house in California where we were joined by all friends and family (mostly mine this time) who couldn’t make it to Germany for “Part I”.

Everyone was involved in helping us pull this off. While my parents repainted the house and put in a new driveway, my fabulous aunts (and Uncle) all pitched in, helping with landscaping and decorating the backyard. Being no ordinary mortals, their collective superpowers transformed a normal backyard into a venue for 80 people, a bar and a jazz band. Christmas lights, candles and lanterns bathed partygoers in a soft yellow light, which was carried over into the floral arrangements, and even the tablecloths. Because of transportation and customs cost issues, we’d gently asked for presents and well wishes that would fit into a mailbox – specially designed in the form of an 8 layer faux wedding cake.

Neighbors even contributed projection screens for the slideshow, twinkle lights for the backyard, and even a driveway and water and electric hook-up for the German in-laws who rolled up in a huge RV.

No one was more amazed by the results than I. Had it been left up to me, I would have hired one of those traveling BBQ trucks to come with half a cow on a spit (plus tofu dogs for the minority), put some tables in the backyard and be done with it. But what they all together coaxed out of normal home was truly spectacular. It was a great evening in a beautiful setting and I was sad to finally blow out the candles and put the party to bed.

We flew back two days later and went back to work the next day. It’s taken a week to really catch up on the jetlag and during that time Oktoberfest has started.

Usually we’re right there for the first day and the ceremonial tapping of the keg, but this time we were just too beat and instead slept through the entire weekend. On Tuesday I rallied and put on my newest dirndl to join the ladies for a night out. Not usually one for stag nights at Oktoberfest, I’d forgotten the power of a group of women armed with push-up bras. It may come at the price of a few inappropriate photographs, but at Oktoberfest the world can be your oyster!



2 responses to “Out of the Frying Pan…

  1. Ah yes, women flaunting their power over mere mortal men by mechanically enhanced means….more power to you. Uncle Dave

  2. Silicone for beer, it’s a fair trade.