Coming into focus

The last few months have been such a blur. It still feels like we’re on fast forward but my thumb is poised over the play key, getting ready to return to normal speed.

Clothes are tight and cheeks are rounder. We have been having a lot of fun. Time to stop and get back to work. For one of us that means big changes in surroundings.

Next Sunday everything will come to a screeching halt, but before then we have one more party to plan, Oliver’s Bon Voyage party.

Looks like we’re going to relive our previous lives for a while: long distance phone calls and emails. Oliver is moving to New Jersey.


6 responses to “Coming into focus

  1. What? And you’ll be in Munich? Wow. How’s your german? Get Skype, its great for free video calls. I use with my family all the time.

    But seriously, NJ? What gives?

  2. I think we can call the next 6 months “Operation Apron Strings”, I’ll be having to do a lot of things all by my lonesome. My biggest fear right now is dealing with the dealership and getting them to put on our winter tires.

    I’m all over the Skype idea, with my handy new laptop with built-in webcam.

  3. Whoah – that’s interesting. Well, yeah, it’s going to make you really self-sufficient. Just think of it as a character building experience.

  4. Hi, I just came across your site yesterday…I cant stop reading you!! Can you please advise me where I could find a drindl, stuck out here in California??



  5. 🙂 That’s nice to hear, considering how slow I’ve been lately. Too much going on to keep up with.

    Finding Dirndls in California is a tough one. Ebay would be my guess, but you may just have to come over and shop. 😉

  6. You make it very tempting, I keep telling my boyfriend we have to visit.