Autumn sunset

These last few weeks in October have been a renaissance of Indian summer weather. Last Thursday was the warmest October day on record. The weekend before was gorgeous and warm with rays of sunlight shining through a patchwork of fluffy white clouds across the sky.

But I really wasn’t into it all that much. I am ready for a change.

In California, Halloween was always the turning point when the last days of summer were really over and the wind developed a biting chill. The first real rainy day was always just before or after (but rarely actually on) the 31st. As kids, we wore sweaters with our costumes usually for the first time.

Last week I looked at the calendar and realized that there were only six weeks left until Advent began and the city filled up with Christmas markets selling roasted chestnuts and Gluehwein. I was still able to go outside in a t-shirt. The winter cold still seemed so far away.

Last night was Halloween and although I almost didn’t notice, since there weren’t any trick or treaters or scary movies on tv, what I did notice was that this morning I couldn’t walk outside without a jacket and scarf. The skies were as gorgeous as ever but the air was decidedly cold.

Tonight, driving home, a brief rain shower swept over our part of the city, bringing some snow that was illuminated in my headlights. First flakes are here, summer is finally gone.

With a new coat and new winter boots, I’m ready.


6 responses to “Autumn sunset

  1. The bite came to the air just two days before Halloween. Still sunny and warmish here on the coast, but the corner has definitely been turned. And while there are lots of kids in the area ; we only had 10-12 trick or treaters. Dave

  2. …driving home…?

  3. New coat and new winter boots…those are what I’d need soon.

  4. Sorry you had such a bad turnout Dave, that’s a lot of extra candy you probably have laying around now. How’s retirement treating you so far? Congrats on your new life of leisure by the way.

    and O, yes I was driving home… in your car… which is safe and sound in the garage with only one old lady wedged under the bumper.

  5. Hi Megan, Jodee and I are in Tennesee right now…. yes Tennesse…She threw me a retirement party at Palapas (a Nice mexican resturant with bay views) where your parents were subjected to drunken firemen and drunken others for that matter. Then we flew off to visit her brother and sister in law in the gorgeous fall colors that neither of us had really seen before. We are in their beautiful new home on a lake and going to visit some friends of theirs’ 7,000 sq ft house monday…..yes that was seven thousand….Uncle Dave

  6. Damn! Retirement IS good! Hope you’re both having fun. If you get lost in that house then at least we know what state to start looking for you in. Jodee, if there were any hot and naked fireman at that party I want pictures. Winter is looking to be long and cold here in Munich. 🙂