Skyping Oliver

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As it will be months before we’re really together again, we’re quickly developing an acceptable substitute, Skype. Wireless LAN lets me bring him with me into any room of the apartment and, as Oliver is still living in a hotel room, the laptop is always where he is. Our settings have been changed to pick up automatically when we call, sometimes catching the other unaware… or asleep and snoring*.

Today, I got home from my ‘hiking’ trip with my colleagues, and then had lunch with him in the kitchen and helped him figure out where to go buy bedding for his new apartment.

O: (surfing the Ikea website) What do they call bed things over here?
M: Try duvet.
O: They don’t have it.
M: Try coverlet.
O: Nope. What about a kilt?
M: What are you talking about?
O: A kilt. Q-U-…
M: Ah, QUILT. That is bedding, try that.
O: Thanks.
M: Any other Kestions?

I love that he can glare at me from all the way over there.

*not me


2 responses to “Skyping Oliver

  1. parental units

    Try “down comforter”. If you say “quilt”, you will get a covering made out of cotton. Down comforter is the blanket covering and a duvet is the sheet-like case you slip it into. The fitted sheet goes on the bottom (mattress). Hope this helps!

  2. Huge thank you to the West! That is exactly what I got. Didn’t go for the down though….hope I have heating in my McPartment-Complex…