A taste of the single life

Being alone so far means being free to drink right out of the bottle, let the trash pile up in the kitchen and the laundry linger on the floor. All the considerations you take for the people living with you fade quickly away. The ironing board is still sitting in the living room, which has turned into the ‘room to Febreeze the coats’ and store the mail. An open, empty box lies under a chair in the hallway and if the bed isn’t made, no one is there to complain but me.

I slip around the rules I’ve even set for myself. Feeling unobserved, I’m free.

Showing up tonight at the hairsalon, the Skunstripe is more than evident, dominating my hair color, a big dash of white. Two hours later, several inches less and three shades extra, I step out onto the street and head towards home. At the grocery store ahead a man reaches the door, sees me and hesitates, looking from boot tips to highlights back to eye level and smiles before disappearing inside.

As I add a bag of single serving rice to my shopping basket a voice behind me says, excuse me, and then again, louder. At my elbow, an unfamiliar face asks, if he can tell me how wonderful he thinks my outfit is, wishes me a good evening and recedes into the aisles before I summon a reply.

Bemused, I walk to the checkout counter where other single serving buyers stand in line, laying microwaveable packets and wine bottles on the conveyer belt. The sole purchase of the woman in front of me is a tiny Christmas tree, months too early. Handing my signed receipt back to the cashier, I do a double take at the chocolate he hands me with a wink. The Christmas tree woman had gotten only her change.

Not quite so unobserved after all. Not so bad.


4 responses to “A taste of the single life

  1. Wow….why don’t I ever get compliments like that? Instead I just got old grumpy granny saying “Blöder Chinese” to me on the Marienplatz out of the blue. *sobs*

  2. That sounded like a real random attack, too. Weirdness. Karma will come and get her, she’s probably already been hit by a truck…or maybe she’s the old lady wedged under my bumper??!!

  3. Ooooh! You hit a tender spot there with the Christmas tree. I am spending Christmas with my new hubby, but _everyone_ else in his family is leaving the country. We have a teeny tiny apartment and I have been eyeing the little 6 eur Christmas trees. Normally I wouldn’t want to buy one til shortly before Christmas, but I am really worried that they won’t have them anymore in December (like the stollen that’s always sold out.) hrmph!

  4. I can’t speak for the live trees but the little ones are usually there to be had right up until Christmas… wait until it’s December at least! 🙂