Shotgun wedding

Today was the second weekly Champagne Thursday, a new tradition I’ve begun since Oliver’s departure to fill the time. It was an evening full of surprises. Our hostess caught us unawares when she revealed it was in fact her birthday. I naively wore brand new boots without a protecting layer of socks, which then proceeded to strip my ankles of flesh halfway to my destination. On the way one guest sheared the side and rear off of her brand new Mini when backing out of a small parking space (this was before the champagne…and boy did she need it after). Another showed up with an inflamed wrist and elbow wrapped in bandages. One showed up engaged. Someone showed up and stopped drinking after half a glass and then after some hesitation quietly announced she was pregnant. One had a no-show husband and so came with baby in tow.

Life somehow always manages to get in the way of a simple girls’ night out. But it did make for some interesting conversation.

Champagne Thursdays, highly recommended.


2 responses to “Shotgun wedding

  1. Champagne is highly recommended any day of the week and twice on Sunday….. Veuve Cliqucoe sp? especially.
    Uncle Dave

  2. No, no….please, anything but Veuve Cliquot!

    I’d suggest Ruinart Brut Classique! đŸ˜‰ The dosis need not matter.