Night comes so early these days that by 6pm it’s almost pitch black outside. My office window becomes a mirror with just a streak of purple along the top to mark the skyline. Seeing my face looking back at me from my desk is unnerving. It feels much later than it is, but the clock tells me it’s not too early to leave. Poking my head into the offices across the hall, I see I’m not the only one who feels this way. Most of the others had already gone on their way.

I come home to an empty apartment, still as clean as the cleaning lady left it on Wednesday. Walking into the office I see light coming from my laptop which should have been snoozing all day. A window is open, showing me the balcony and the trees outside in the afternoon sunlight. The clock at the top of the window is at five hours and counting. The outline of a couch is visible, all other details blended out from the backlight.

Except, upon further inspection, one. A note stuck to the couch, in the lower right corner of the frame.

‘See’ you soon, love you too.


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