Tra La La La

Trying to go downtown and buy anything this last Saturday was the worst decision I could have made that day. Dropping temperatures and drizzling snow/rain created a dandy combo that was toxic to any kind of Christmas cheer I may have been harboring yesterday.

Ever had those nightmares where you were running towards something that only seemed to get farther and farther away and your feet seemed to be stuck in taffy?

Toss in irresponsible umbrella handling on a massive scale and you’ve got my Saturday.

It’s always the business tourist carrying the gigantic courtesy umbrella from the big name hotel that causes the most trouble. It’s an umbrella not a helmet buddy, try looking out from under it every so often…

May all of them get coal in their stockings.

Ba humbug


3 responses to “Tra La La La

  1. *meh* You could’ve given me company considering I was downtown _alone_ on Saturday from 2.30-5.30 p.m. Got myself a new coat. :-p

  2. We were out on Saturday too. I almost got my eye poked out 5 times. One time my hair got hooked. Why don’t Germans ever notice that there are other people occupying the planet?

  3. Between amazon (.de & .uk), neckermann, mytoys, disney online and ebay I’m determined to do all my shopping online and not have to fight the mall crowds.