Hello operator? Long distance to New Jersey please…

Phone calls

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Last weekend turned out much better than planned. Not only did Oliver manage to escape the snow chaos on Valentine’s Day by flying out of Philidelphia in a chance window of good weather, but one of his meetings was moved to Monday, allowing him to extend his stay until Tuesday morning. Conjugal visits, gotta love that.

Tuesday was also Fasching, or Mardi Gras, my least loved holiday in Germany (I get enough of adults in clown outfits at Halloween thanks very much). Given that my husband just went back to New Jersey for at least a month, I think I know what I have to give up for Lent. 😉

Now we’re back to business as usual: long distance phone calls. Just a few more months and we can try a normal life again.


3 responses to “Hello operator? Long distance to New Jersey please…

  1. Hope the time passes quickly and there are no extensions. Time to come home!

  2. aw. poor Megan. that totally sucks. I’m still in awe of you, living here alone while he’s back in the states. Takes guts lady and you’ve got ’em.

  3. 🙂 Thanks. It’s been interesting to live on my own for the first time ever and who would have thought I’d get to do this after getting married?? It helps to have friends and feline companionship… and the Internet, what would we all do without that? All this coupled with Skype and cheap long distance and I’m really not that alone.

    We’re officially over the hump and in the home stretch, and we’ve made a promise not to do this again. It has been an interesting experiment, but we’ll both be glad when it’s over.