Curtains? Check! Er…rug…um…. hang on a second…

I think moving abroad pushed me into online shopping. Before I left my familiar stomping grounds of the Greater Bay Area I always knew where to go to buy what I wanted. Even if I wasn’t sure exactly what I was even looking for, I knew what consumer environment would most likely get me what I needed.

Moving to Germany may have broken my shopping compass entirely. Everything is just ordered by a different kind of logic. We are now in the land of coffee shops that sell massage mats and bathroom scales. So I retreated online, back to familiar shopping grounds, where everyone was on my page.

This need to find stuff online led to my discovery of shopping blogs, which I love, love, love. Especially since I became an aunt and discovered that although I know nothing about babies and can’t help much with the diapers and the burping (and don’t really want to really), what I can do is help my sister-in-law find the perfect Hooter Hider or a Whizz kid for my nephew.

I recently passed on a funny tip to the proprietess of an excellent shopping blog, someone so dedicated that she keeps posting with nary a pause to give birth. This made it easy to forgive the misspelling of my name when thanking me for the idea of Betty.

If any of you buy and use, please please report back. This kind of redecorating could be interesting.


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