Picking up Fergus on Friday, I was surprised to get an incredibly groggy little guy who – after hours in the recovery room/crate – still could not see straight. He was clearly seeing double from the way he walked and overshot everyday objects like his food bowl. Whenever he looked at me it was with crossed eyes or one eye closed for better focus.

After one day he was back to his chirpy (if slightly less scratchy) self.

We, or actually I, spoil him terribly. He has his cool flight bag that makes the ladies howl and every possible toy imaginable.

Tomorrow is cleaning lady day, and to prevent horrible vaccum cleaner incidents before they start, I made my usual sweep of the premises. It became clear to me very quickly that I had been indulging him quite a bit lately.

Walking around, I stuffed toys into the pockets of my hoodie and just barely fit it all in.

belly side.jpg


Kind of makes me wonder how there’s any room under the bed for monsters and my socks.


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Is this too much for one little cat living in one little apartment?

Or should I buy more?



One response to “Spoiled

  1. Dude goes in for his snip-snip tomorrow morning. I’m trying not to feel guilty, but it’s tough…

    Glad to hear Fergus made it through & is enjoying his kitty swag once again!