Dinner Conversation

on being an unwitting chick magnet in New Jersey:

– So what do you do exactly to get this attention?

– Nothing. I sit at the bar, read a book and eat my dinner.

– Sitting at the bar has women crawling all over you?

– It’s the book, the book is key. As long as it’s not comics or porn, all you have to do is be reading something and they come to talk to you about it.

– Really? This gets you lots of female attention?

– Yeah, they just keep comin’. Like… flies to a lightbulb honey, just like flies to a lightbulb.


3 responses to “Dinner Conversation

  1. Next time, try knitting. ;-p

  2. Great post … and certainly true.

  3. A man becomes more and more interesting to women after he is married.