Well they made their bed…now we’ll see if we get to lie in it

Oliver just sent me an email containing a screen capture on the W Hotel online store. The message reads:

Thank you for shopping W Hotels The Store
Your order has been placed
Your confirmation number is XDEBTF

You will receive a confirmation number soon.

I’ll be very curious to see if this works out, maybe we can exploit this loophole in their online ordering system to our advantage. Most US websites use the same standard system, leaving every country in the world in the pull-down menu, never expecting someone outside the country to try and use it. Countless times I’ve gone all the way to confirming the order to find the last button doesn’t work.

Maybe someone didn’t deactivate the button.

Maybe they just started shipping internationally. Fingers crossed…


3 responses to “Well they made their bed…now we’ll see if we get to lie in it

  1. dude. you have to tell me if this works. I think the W will be getting many, many orders. at least two from my house.

  2. Hi,
    um, you *do* know that you can get larger mattresses right here in Germany, right? you can get 140 x 200, 160 x 200, 180 x 200, and 200 x 200. In one piece. And they fit in German beds. Check out http://www.neckermann.de, http://www.quelle.de and http://www.otto.de to see what I mean, and of course all larger furniture stores and mattress/bedding stores will sell them. No need to have it shipped from the U.S.

    And P.S. I don’t think they’ll ship it. I think that nobody there thought that somebody from outside the U.S. would try to buy a bed.

  3. Oh man.. I want to know if this works.. we are in the market to replace the piece of foam we are sleeping on in the next few months but I absolutely insist on an American bed and pillows. After our last few trips to the States, M. is sold too but we haven’t figured out where to get one. I’m tired of my sore neck and back though. Good Luck!