Moving Day

Moving day is finally here. The movers arrive in three and a half hours and I haven’t gone to bed yet.

We have way too much stuff and way too much stuff we don’t need or want anymore. I just spent the last three hours re-arranging the cellar storage space: crap on one side, keepers on the other.

It’s slash and burn time, anything that hasn’t been touched since the last move is on the chopping block. Among the stuff going out are two massive stereo speakers, roller blades, ice skates, two computers, boxes of board games…I decided to let him keep the laser I found way at the back. Technology may not interest me, but lasers are still cool. Lucky that I never brought anything over here.

What’s really ridiculous is that I’m not even packing. The movers will do that. I’m merely putting everything where it belongs so that it all gets packed together, so I can find it again.

Fergus is staying at a friend’s place, Oliver is on a plane coming over right now. He’ll show up just in time to start unpacking tonight. Looks like he may be unpacking alone.

I am dead tired.

I just hope I manage to take a shower and a cat nap before those guys get here.

Tomorrow night I’ll be able to sit on my new balcony and have a glass of wine. I’ve waited almost four years for this.

I need to go pack all my underwear now.

***Update: Internet access may be sporadic for a while until portions of T-mobile gets off strike. Apparently the ones handling our account are walking the line and not returning calls (*sigh*). See ya’ll on the other side!***


3 responses to “Moving Day

  1. Hope you have a smooth move and enjoy that glass of wine on the balcony! It’s chilly here in Laaber today, so I won’t be enjoying my cranberry juice on the terrace (not that I could drink it anyway since I’m just getting over that intestinal thing that’s sweeping the nation).

  2. May the force be with you!

  3. Hi Megan, I just wanted to drop in and say ‘hi.’ It was nice you left a comment for me before your Internet dropped off, and I certainly hope you get settled soon. I feel for you. We just moved ourselves a few months ago, right before I left for 6 weeks; I couldn’t find anything and whew what a mess. Needless to say, the timing was all wrong, which is the reason I was against it…but it’s all about compromise sometimes, isn’t it?

    I was trying to figure out out Ollie got in America and you were still in Munich and why there was a move happening, so I went back and read some archived entries. I’m caught up now. Some of the things you wrote flashed me back to times in my life too, and it seems we both make “Things to Eat” lists when back in Cali. Too funny 🙂

    So glad I found you! Feel free to use my e-mail to say ‘hi’ whenever you’re not too swamped.