He’s Loving the Box-Jungle

Loving the Box-Jungle

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Still in ‘moving mode’. No closets mean that the ‘bedroom’ has been recruited as a huge walk-in closet, with clothing in stacks all over the floor. This works only because we still haven’t bought a bed.

Where are we sleeping? Well I can assure our future houseguests that the sofa bed in our guest room is pretty comfortable.

Still no phone, still no internet… three weeks and counting. German efficiency, where are you?



4 responses to “He’s Loving the Box-Jungle

  1. Hey Megan, there you are! I’ve been checking to see when you might post in hopes that the move went OK and you’re back in the groove 🙂

  2. Oooh, and there are supposed to be more delays because of the Telekom strike. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. oh good. you’re in! thinking about you as playa fever overlaps with baby fever. our baby is due in 3 weeks. glad you are getting settled!

    🙂 emily sparkle

  4. Well, with the Telekom strikes going on…this could take a while.