Talks about Paris

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(In the company restaurant, chatting with two colleagues about important world affairs.)

K: She’s going to get off, she’s not going to jail.

Me: Are you kidding? She’s got to serve some time. Everyone knows she broke parole. Everything damn thing she does is all over youtube! They have no choice.

K: Nah, she’ll get off somehow.

M: No, I don’t even think she can appeal at this point. She’s gotta go. Maybe she’ll get out early, but…

K: She’ll sleep with the judge or something and get off.

S: And they’ll post that on youtube, too!

M: And they’ll call it, “The Penal System in Paris”.

Ba dum dum, ching! 🙂

**Update – Albeit with a little “in-n-out”, in she went and in she eventually stayed. It’s not serious time she’s serving, but at least it’s something. Guess I won that round of debate.

All schadenfreude aside, it was the least that could be done to a spoiled heiress who obviously felt that she was above petty little rules about drunk driving and suspended licenses. I’m pleased that even the most expensive lawyers can’t get you out of well-deserved punishment… at least not always.**


3 responses to “Talks about Paris

  1. Maybe Paris and Lindsay can share a jail cell?

  2. If she doesn’t serve time I quit.

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