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We’re back in Munich with stories to tell and some decisions still to be made. We actually got back on the fourth of July but what with work and family visitations, we haven’t even had time to consider what we saw and learned and make a decision.

That will come this week.

Today, Sunday is supposed to be 35 degrees in Munich, so if you’ll excuse us, we’re heading out to Tegernsee to put off serious thoughts for at least a few more hours. Those of you in Bavaria won’t hold it against us, in fact you may be on the towel next to us.

We’ll be back when the sun has set.


3 responses to “Censorship

  1. I WISH I could go to Tegernsee and cool off. I’m hiding out in our apartment instead. Have fun!

    And I look forward to hearing more about your China trip too.

  2. For the life of me, I can’t figure out the photo.

  3. You are on a completely different level of expat than me to even consider moving to China. We had discussed moving somewhere besides the US and Germany so we could be equally expats but the short list were places like Canada, the UK, Australia… good luck with your decision.