Bye bye little No Name

No name

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We are minus a little piece of sweetness in our household. After long discussions (and a few changes of heart), Oliver and I finally resolved ourselves to finding the little guy a new home and he is now there.

It was a hard decision.

Every time we seemed to have committed to giving him away he would do something extra cute like purring in my ear or giving Olli a big wet slobbery kiss that clearly said, ‘Are you sure you want to do that? I’m so adorable!’

And he was! Even Fergus was in love, once the aggression finally wound down. During the day the little guy was in his own room as a security measure (probably mine more than his), but in the evenings when we brought them together it became more and more clear that Fergus was enjoying his company and that he could easily fit into our household. I’d open his door and he’d march out in all his glory and assume the position in the living room, an aura of wonderfulness surrounding him like a halo.

‘Hello!’ he seemed to say, ‘I’m here, you may all worship me now!’

Like clockwork, Fergus would bound over a greet him, chirping and cooing, and give the little guy a quick sniff and slurp under the tail and then the chase games would begin. This (more than slightly questionable) cuddle moment would last longer and longer with each passing day. As the relationship with Fergus came to fit more and more in the NAMBLA / Leather Daddy category, I realized Olli and I were starting to brainstorm ways to fit the kitten into our plans, and worse, we were starting to try out names:

O: Something car related because that’s where we found him.
M: Axle?
O: Rover.
M: But we found him under a Volvo…

O: Harry?
M: Abercrombie.
O: Fitch!

It came down to one issue, China. With that decision dragging on and on, we kept finding excuses to put off the kitten question. I realized that if we didn’t find him a home soon, we’d be too in love with him to let him go. Bringing him to China really seemed an awful idea bursting with the potential to go wrong. Two cats most likely can’t fly in the same plane. Having a flight attendant sister-in-law had made me more than aware of what could go wrong in a cargo hold (like forgetting to turn on the climate control) so there was no way I wanted to have to take the risk of making a Sophie’s Choice* on a Chinese airline where, really, anything could happen. With so many other additional factors still unknown (landlords, vets, quarantine), a voice in my head just kept telling me that this little guy needs a good, safe home in Germany.

A few weeks ago, on my way to dinner on a Friday night, I pulled this little guy out of the underbelly of a car and into our lives. So it was fitting that again, on Friday evening, I said one last goodbye to a very cute little orange monkey faced kitten with yellow eyes and handed him over to his new mama and watched him get loaded into another car (this time in the proper passenger area) and drive away. And so ended a short but sweet, drive-by love affair with a little guy who I hope is already well settled into his new home and the hearts of his new family.

And what’s to become of us? Well, I think we’re going to China.

*credit goes to Jen for this reference, it is a perfect description


8 responses to “Bye bye little No Name

  1. Bonita, Marc and Brody

    um, WOW! Huge decision. And I’m not talking about the cat, cute as he is. I was telling my friend Fritha about your possible move and she just kept saying “They should GO!! Definitely, they should GO!”. She just spent a vacation in the livelier parts of China and really thinks, for the future, learning Chinese and being comfortable in the culture is the way to go. Personally I’m not sure I could do it, but I applaud your bravery!! What’s the schedule for the move? Will you be out this way before then? So many questions! xoxo M, B & B

  2. Hi Marc, thanks, this wasn’t easy to commit to. We kept going over the reasons to stay and go and in the end we just couldn’t say that we were unwilling to try. It’s a risk for both of us and a totally alien culture. But we couldn’t turn our back on the opportunity and live with ourselves. So here we go. Provided they come back with the offer Oliver wants, we should be going over in November.

    But before that we’ll be in San Francisco, fancy meeting for lunch or dinner? We’ll be in the city on Sept. 5 & 6. Love to see you all. Let us know your availability, ok?

  3. Bonita, Marc and Brody

    We’d love to see you!! The evening of the 5th is best for us because it looks like Marc will be in Vegas on the 6th. Choose your favorite local cuisine and we’ll make a reservation! Can’t wait!
    xox Bonita

  4. China …

    That’s a big move – I can’t even imagine it.

    All the best your way.

  5. China – hmmm – or staying in Europe? Well, ya gotta grab adventure when it comes your way!

    We did – but we’re glad to be back in boring USA, at least for now.

  6. Wow, that was a sad post. It’s hard to say ‘goodbye’ to someone/something you love. But I think it says even more about you and Olli that you loved the sweet baby enough to think of what’s best and let it go.

    A Greek-American family that just moved to Greece a few weeks ago lost their beloved dog a few days after arrival, in which the stress of the trip combined with heatwave proved too much.

    And with respect to you and Olli, I want to tell you how much admiration I have for you knowing how hard it is to make the transition once and then twice. I suppose you’re on your way back to our hometown now, so I won’t see you when I go in October. China is amazing, but I wouldn’t be able to do it after Greece (which contrary to what people say, is not really an EU country on par with the rest).

  7. Marc & Bonita! – We’re back from the desert but thanks to a dead laptop I don’t have your email or number! Can you email me at my mac account?? Would love to see you guys on the 5th. Hope you see this message and that we see you soon! – Megan

  8. Richard, Paul and Kat – thanks for the well wishes, this is going to be one giant leap into the unknown for us, but bound to make for more interesting posts in the future. Life was becoming so normal in Germany, China will be ‘foreign extreme’.