Off the Grid

Looking for Larry

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You might have guessed it. I’m somewhere in America right now. It was sort of rude to just jet off like that but vacation came up fast and in the final hours before flying to the US my laptop cord blew, leaving me with an empty battery and no easy access to the internet.

It’s been a great vacation so far, dusty, dirty, flame filled and fun. Now we’re heading to the City by the Bay to shop and eat ourselves silly. First stop will be the North Face outlet in Berkeley for some super warm winter gear for China and then it’s all about the shoes…

Back in Germany on Saturday, anybody need Wheat Thins?



5 responses to “Off the Grid

  1. can we sign up for super warm winter gear from the north face outlet instead?

  2. God I miss North Face and Berkeley. I take comfort I’ll be there soon enough. Btw, are you working on your “to eat” list? I’ve got Cheetos and Round Table Pizza at the top of mine. 😉

  3. Burning Man, eh?

    How long do you guess will it take to get the sand out of… everything?

  4. Sparky, sand would be sooo easy. I wish. In that desert it’s dust, fine, talcum-like dust. You never get it out. I burn my socks every year and anything we take there goes in the special Burning Man box that is only opened once a year. Each year I come back feeling almost tan, but after 3-4 showers it finally washes off. I’m still coughing it out of my lungs though.

    All of this suffering is totally worth it of course. 🙂

  5. Kat – I ate my way through San Francisco but there were a few things I missed: a burrito, Chicago style-pizza from Zachary’s and clam chowder. There’s just never enough time…