It’s that time again!

I don’t normally drink beer and rowdy crowds (and Krauts) can make me aggressive, but if you live in Munich, it is hard not to go to Oktoberfest. The next two weeks in Munich will be more unproductive than the week leading up to Christmas.

Oktoberfest starts tomorrow. At 8 am, when most of you are still stretching and yawning and keeping your eyes closed a few minutes longer, we will be pushing our way into a tent, fighting for a table. The official tapping of the keg takes place precisely at noon. We’ll be there early to secure a table and will be bringing breakfast to share with our friends, including Oliver’s sister and brother-in-law, who just couldn’t bear to miss out on the fun.

The last time we were there for the first beer, someone in our party got bitten on the leg. Fun times. Click below on continue for slideshow of pics from years past.



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