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BBQ Special

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I’ve been sitting on this for a while because I planned to write a longer piece about China. I wanted to balance this out with some positive information about my soon-to-be new location. I have changed my mind however.

As some may have guessed, in trying to find a safe way to bring our cat over the border without putting him in quarantine, we’ve been doing a lot of Google searches with words like “cat, China, and Changchun”. A little over a month ago, Oliver emailed me this gem that he’d stumbled across online.

Up until this point we’d been saying that the Chinese eat cats and dogs, while deep down only believing the dog part of it was true. Turns out, some of them do really eat cats. On the positive side (if you can call it that) those few people in China who eat cats are restricted to a very small area, namely one city. That positive quickly turns negative, however, because that city is Changchun.

Our not-so-far-in-the-future home.

If I ever come across one of these joints, Fergus will have a few new furry friends.


2 responses to “Insert Stereotypical Joke Here

  1. Oh, boy. I shouldn’t have read this on a near-empty stomach right before heading out for a run.

    I hadn’t realized this was restricted to Changchun.

    Guess I’m selective about which Leviticus-based dietary rules I follow (e.g. tuna sushi) but some of them are hard-wired.

  2. yeah not only in china they eat cats these people on this site are gonna eat cats this midsummer and they dont seem to be in china

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