Still here, still somewhat foreign

Hi, I’m Megan and I still live in Munich. Close call though.

On December 2, 2007, I was supposed to be unpacking suitcases in the only civilized hotel in Changchun, China where my husband was supposed to be starting his new job. Two days before the point of no return, when I would have canceled our apartment and quit my job, we found out that we weren’t going after all.

Poof went the dreams of my very own sweat shop and long sunny days being pulled around in a rickshaw. Well, at least for now.

In the meantime, we’re settling back into a country we’d mentally already said goodbye to and begun to pick back up the plans we’d abandoned in favor China: getting drunk at Christmas markets and buying a decent bed (finally).

We’re now fully immunized and ready for almost anything except Rwanda and in possession of a killer set of poofy, super-warm North Face jackets. Let’s see what the new year brings.

Until then, hello again Germany, here I am*.

* This site’s location has been temporarily moved while fleeing from spammers and terrible CMS systems, hopefully this will be rectified soon.


6 responses to “Still here, still somewhat foreign

  1. Hola, the call to prayer woke me up this morning–grateful.
    I have become garlic–all pores–because I ate a HEAD at dinner last night, or should I say “for” dinner.
    Going back to Gilroy for a training this morning. Will I fit right in or have to sit alone at a table. Will drinking a lot of water make the smell go away?
    I can’t find your email address because at home I don’t use hotmail and I don’t have it in yahoo. I can get it tomorrow at work, but if you email me, it’s (name) Lady, while your sweatshop dreams might have been right-on, the sunny days in a richshaw were NOT! You would have been spending this Sunday and every day until April freezing your ass. I’m sure it would have been worth it but enjoy mild Munich. I ate lunch outside on the lawn yesterday, although I admit I was chilly.
    I better go press “start” on the coffeemaker.
    PS My kids are monsters.

  2. Hi E – about China, yeah I know about the cold winters but the summers fry… and if I’m really honest with myself, riding in a taxi or a donkey cart is more realistic than a rickshaw, but it’s my reality, I’ll do with it what I please. 😉

    Time is the only thing that can cure garlic for me, but I’m sure drinking a ton of water couldn’t hurt. Keep your eyes open for an email from me (you have a really long address!). – Megan

  3. Hey E – your email just keeps bouncing back, no matter what I try, why don’t you email me at (firstname)in(currentcity)(at)yahoo(dot)com? M

  4. Hey Megan,

    about your normal site: Ask Alala ( Maybe she can help you out.

  5. Super close call… you happy or sad about it?
    Btw, I just sent you an email soliciting to share some of your traveling wisdom, if you don’t mind 🙂

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