Playing with Fire

Fergus had a little lesson last night about sashaying around right in front of a candle – the fact that his tail was immediately snuffed out probably meant that he didn’t learn anything. I think I walked away from the experience a bit wiser. Pity I wasn’t fast enough to keep the apartment from stinking like fur. Hi there, everyone.
Man, has this New Year been a busy one already. Been so busy (and stressed) that I’ve only just managed to take the Christmas balls off the horns pictured in the previous entry. The big surprise of 2008 thus far: darned if it doesn’t look like I went and got myself a pretty decent promotion.
Lesson learned: that devil-may-care-I’ll-say-what-I-think attitude one has when one is about to leave a job is just the kind of cologne that should be worn to discussions with upper management.

Saturday I went out a bought the second most expensive outfit of my life (second only to my wedding dress) that is supposed to bolster me through some really uncomfortable, super-duper important meetings this week that will decide whether this really turns into a big step up (or a baby step to the side). When my mom asked me last night what I’d bought, my answer was,

“Well, I started at Esprit and kept going up until I hit Italy.”

I’m out of practice with this league of dress. In my thus-far casual dress work environment in Germany, I’ve gotten very used to H&M with the occasional sprinkling of Massimo Dutti. I might have raised the bar a little high with these new duds, but I feel great wearing them. So great in fact that it almost erases the pangs of guilt I feel when I remember the grand total at the register.

One piece had to be altered; I’m picking that up this afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll be ready for bear.

Loads of backdated stories to come for all three of you who are still reading this thing. 😉


6 responses to “Playing with Fire

  1. So, you’re still there after all. Make that 4 who still read. 😉

  2. Nr. 5 here 🙂 I check in regularly…

  3. Wow, I have an official handful! I’m so pleased you read me. 😉

  4. Let’s see, are we here (back home) included in the five or two more?

  5. In the last 4 days I’ve had at least 3 people ask me if you are still writing. So get busy my girl, your audience is waiting.

  6. Bonita and Marc

    We’re still reading too! Welcome back and post a photo of the new clothes!

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