Poor Little Bunny

Things will get worse before they get better, because now Oliver has a cold. And it’s not just any cold,

it’s a man cold.


6 responses to “Poor Little Bunny

  1. So, a “man’s cold” is different?? I wonder whether the fact that I’m gay would make it a “gay’s cold”. :-p

  2. Didn’t you know?! Man-colds have lost wars and toppled empires!! In your case it would be a gay man’s cold, which is of course even worse and more life-threatening. 😉

  3. LOL! When I read this, I knew exactly what you meant. If I have a cold, I’m still expected to go to work, cook meals and clean the house. He has a cold, he’s dying, laying in bed, moaning and groaning, can’t get up…oh, the drama.

    My favorite story is from my friend Susan. Her boyfriend had the same cold she did, and he acted like he was on his deathbed (did I mention he works in theater?). After 10 years together, she had no sympathy for him and kindly told him to write down his PIN # in a convenient location before passing on.

  4. 🙂

    Mancolds prove that there are some universals that cross all cultural lines. When they are sick, men are pussies.

    Oliver is still too fragile to take out the trash or pick up his socks. He did however risk his life by dragging himself out to buy me a Valentines’s present, showing that he may be sick and dying… but he’s not stupid. 😉

  5. Heh. It’s good to know Oliver’s got his priorities straight.

  6. I thought of this post the other day when my bunny went ill. Oh, the drama.

    I second B’s comment. 😉

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