Seven lives and counting…

‘sniff’, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

Here’s to a cute little fuzzy guy who has managed to hitchhike to Munich in the undercarriage of a car and then fly off a balcony in Hamburg within the first year of his life.

That’s two lives you’ve spent so far, Little Guy (that we know about). Slow down there now and take it easy for a while.

Jen, if this kitten putting you through the wringer has been any indication of the future, you’re Super Mom material.


3 responses to “Seven lives and counting…

  1. thanks, Megan. I’ll take that. I’m sending you an e-mail about this whole fiasco from the leap to the second surgery. He’s doing good now. and I have to say, he must have gotten a ton of love from you and Human Oli because he is the most loving cat I have ever had. Ever!

    You saved him during those important imprinting days. even when he’s in pain or scared, he never scratches or bites or meows. He just looks up with his big wide eyes and hopes it’ll be okay. Heartbreaking.

    Let’s hope his curiosity mellows a bit, huh.

  2. 🙂 Can I admit that I still think about him sometimes? It was apparent then that he’s a special little guy. Big loving heart, big trusting eyes and an even bigger sense of adventure. I hope the last one is tempered a bit from this experience. I had a good feeling when I gave him to you, and it’s been confirmed once again that he’s in good hands.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, be sure to include a mailing address, I have a care package for the two of you to send.

  3. it’s a 2-headed cat!!

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