Quick snapshot from last Saturday

Last Words, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

(Abu Dhabi, somewhere in the desert at a private zoo)

Without warning our generous and enthusiastic host plopped our nephew on top of his brother’s favorite pet cheetah. In the background I could hear Caro swallow a gasp and then mutter in German, “my mother-in-law is going to kill me if she ever sees this.”

This one will have to be kept out of the annual family Christmas calendar.

Politely, we all allowed him to set up this photo-op. Paul only started crying when he put him on the pony. This I can actually understand though, ponies often bite. 😉


One response to “Quick snapshot from last Saturday

  1. I’m just going to pretend that you made this in photoshop. Yeah. That’s it. Photoshop! I feel so much better.

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