Quick Weekend Getaway

Quick Weekend Getaway, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

The last month has been hell.

Work has been stressing and frustrating me to the point where the last few weeks have been punctuated all too often with sleepless nights and working until midnight. After listening to countless rants filled with vitriol and fury, Oliver finally asked me to not talk about work at home. I knew immediately that he was right to ask.

The focus now is on finding ways to leave work at work and to come home at an hour that allows me a life. This has everything to do with setting limits and keeping them, and not allowing myself to be used to save anyone else’s caboose.

I aim to become the queen of transparency, setting dates, asking for deadlines and saying no. I’m currently in the same court and working my way up.

After missing about a million appointments, yoga classes, jogging dates and cocktail hours, I left work at four last Friday without a twinge of guilt. I forced myself to leave without offering to anyone that they could call my mobile if they needed anything; I’d purposely left that on my desk. I picked up Olli from work and drove us to Bad Gastein where we met up with friends Sierk and Tessa and their two boys for a weekend spa getaway in a darling hotel called Haus Hirt.

Great friends, conversation, and wine in a terrific atmosphere with breathtaking views. Just what the heart needed to feel human again.

Driving back was more than tough


2 responses to “Quick Weekend Getaway

  1. In response to precisely what role modeling did you learn to submit and succumb to work demands in the manner described here? 😉

  2. Hold mirror to face. 🙂

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