Checking it twice

Making a list, checking it twice.

The countdown to vacation has reached the single digits and I’m so looking forward to it, and at the same time so dreading the days between now and then. So much to do, and no time to do it in and all of it work-related (read: stressful).

These last six months have been a real personal eye-opener. I’d think I was the worst project manager in the world if I didn’t have a co-worker on another continent sharing the pain and grumbling as loud. Misery in this case finds a modicum of sanity in having company.

Otherwise I’d have completely lost it in the last weeks (and already been teetering on the edge a time or two, as those close to me well know). Still, I need to learn to let things go. Silence here has meant volumes.

I’m so looking forward to seeing my family and ground myself on the old familiar surroundings of home.

… And then I plan to dose myself well with dust and a wee bit of debauchery to put life back into perspective.

Never again should sleep be lost over others’ mistakes and timelines out of my control. Time to shake it off and get out of here.

Can’t happen soon enough!


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