Picture of a Mighty Weeny

Mighty Weeny, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

Even with the level of English literacy that even most gas station attendants in Germany enjoy these days, you still come across signs like these. I get more than my fair share of giggles from them. Unfortunately this was taken on a Sunday so I wasn’t able to find out what they sell. I’m guessing it’s not porn.

Wouldn’t be a bad name for that though. Mighty inspires a certain confidence, don’t you think?

In the same vein, I’ll have to share a picture of this wine store in town at some point when I get the chance. It’s called Ass Wein. Contrary to what the name implies, they don’t cater to a niche fetish clientele. “Ass” in this context means “Ace“, which when you think about it doesn’t make for a great name either, really.

Come to think of it, there was also this trade magazine I came across as a PR intern in Munich that had a choice name as well: Ass Compact.

Now that really does sound like porn!

(Ok, after taking a moment to look, Mighty Weeny appears to be a store catering to the graphitti / tagger community. The name itself remains a mystery.)


6 responses to “Picture of a Mighty Weeny

  1. Nice.

    Reminds me of the “Team BS” office I saw in Eisenach: http://www.team-bs.de/home_de.html

  2. 🙂 nice

    …there’s also the aforementioned big bag of chips labeled “megapussi”, as seen here on someone’s flickr account:


  3. Thats what it says on my underwear.

  4. Now there’s confidence for you!

  5. I love finding signs like that.

  6. Wow – I just saw that last night when we ate at the Blue Nile. If you haven’t eaten there it’s really good.

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