Exit stage right

So we left off with a countdown about to begin. Now it’s started. Looks like some things really are going to change around here. Before he flew to the US this afternoon, Olli drove a few hours out of the way to meet a new boss and pick up contracts. He’s on a plane now to go hand over some projects to his successor (and briefly enjoy my old city, see friends and meet up with my parents; I’m completely jealous again). When he returns on Sunday, the following week will be about tying up lose ends, canceling the apartment and finding temporary housing near his new job about a two hour drive away. Work starts March 1.

Just like with China, it’s all been very vague until the last few weeks, and now it’s all moving quite fast. I’m still figuring out my own exit strategy and what I’m going to do. As much as I hate it right now, I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea of quitting my job. Part of me stubbornly wants to finish a few open projects and leave everything neat and clean when I walk out the door. With things are they are right now it also feels a bit risky to walk away from a sure thing into the unknown.

I have to double check my contract but I probably have to quit next week and be done April 1 or wait and give notice for the first of May.

Lots to consider.


2 responses to “Exit stage right

  1. Hi- I wanted to ask you a few questions about Munich while you still have it clear in yor mind:). Could you contact me at bigappletobigbear(at)googlemail(dot)com? when you have a chance? Thanks!

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