Then again, let’s see…

Woke up this morning to a fuzzy nose in my ear, purring and sniffing loudly. Every morning this week has been the same, nose in ear, milk dance on the pillow making a nest of my hair, bedroom eyes and wrapping himself around my legs wherever I am in the apartment. Although he’s usually too cool for cuddling more than a second, when one of us goes on a business trip, Fergus always gets really appreciative of the one who is left behind. It does make waking up with a slight hangover much better.

The other benefit of work-widowhood while Oliver is away is being able to meet up with friends for drinks more often, which I took advantage of last night. I can always depend on Nina to turn one drink into two bottles. The headache was worth the girl time.

Just after Fergus woke me up the phone rang. Oliver’s Friday night in San Francisco was still going strong at a dinner party with some of our friends. His mobile had fallen into chatty hands and made the rounds among the guests. It was great fun getting drunk dialed by a group of people who I love, even though the party was going on without me. I’m totally jealous that his farewell business trip for this job has taken him back to my homebase, right among all the people who were there when we began as a couple, but at least one of us gets to be there. I’m sure the headache he’ll have in the morning will be well worth it. The phone bill too. (Oops.)

It’s a very short and sweet farewell tour. Tomorrow Olli meets up with my parents for lunch, finishes his last errands and flies home. Then we figure out how to get him to Nurnberg so he can start working. Then I get going with preparing to move, quit the job, and so on.

That’s what’ll happen, as long as that mobile phone bill doesn’t get him into too much hot water. 😉


5 responses to “Then again, let’s see…

  1. Nurnberg? Cool – and at least you aren’t too far from Munich when you want to visit. I know what you mean about the job dilemma that comes with being an American in Germany, whatever the reason. Hope you find the right next steps for you!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. We’ll definitely be able to visit without it being too much of a pain. Making new friends in a new city feel a bit daunting and the whole economy crisis thing really gives me pause.

    But somehow it always works out, so let’s see what happens. 🙂

    …and hey Nurnberg is still #23 on the best cities list.

  3. So it’s N-town, eh? good luck. You have been an inspiration of integration for me in Munich. I’m sure you’ll do the same in Nurnberg.

    I don’t know how you deal with Olli in SF when you’re here. I would go crazy. I would have had to go too.

  4. Thanks, Jen
    I’m totally jealous that he got to go, and so was a little happy at the hangover he must have been suffering from when he had lunch with my parents… (but lunch at Zuni Cafe the bastard).

    Nurnberg has me a little hesitant, but somehow I’ll make it work.

    Good luck with your upcoming adventure! 😉

  5. This reminds me of a previous post you did where he got to hobnob with the Bay crowd, and you were in Germany.

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