Work Widowed (Take 2)

Last week we drove to Nurnberg and checked out the little apartment Oliver found for the interim period. A little one-bedroom apartment in a building behind a butcher shop (not the one pictured), fully furnished from IKEA.

He really lucked out.

Most of the places we’d seen online had obviously been furnished with cast-offs from the landlord and all of them had extremely questionable-looking couches. The kind I hadn’t sat on since college days. You know, the one at the frat house or the co-op in the common room that had assumed a brown-ish patina from years of beer-bonging, or just plain old bong water? You just knew these things had histories that rivaled red-light districts.

So I was very happy for him when we walked into this cute little newly renovated place, with brand new furniture. He’s the first tenant. Even better, his landlord is the butcher and the whole building smells slightly like fresh raw meat. It’s like he’s living in the meat section of the grocery store. This is heaven for a carnivore that has spent the last ten years in semi-vegetarian purgatory, eating Asian-inspired healthy crap.

Every morning he can stop in the butcher shop on the way to work and buy something meat related. I just hope I can convince him to move in with me when I’m finally ready to move over.

The landlord won him even more (if that’s possible) when he stopped by on the second day to deliver the one thing he’d forgotten – a small flatscreen TV. So I’m not worried about him, everything is fine. He’ll be coming home for the weekends for the next two months while I close up shop over here and we search for an apartment over there.

As for what I am actually going to do…well I’m still figuring it out. After a lot of consideration, Monday afternoon I went up to our CEO’s office – who I have always had a special relationship with – and asked him flat out, if there was some way we could still work together, given the fact that I am moving in two months. I figured this was a long shot (I work in marketing and there’s no way I would do sales, where home office a legit option). Surprisingly, he’s actually got some interesting ideas (that I’m trying not to get prematurely excited about).

It could still all turn out to be nothing, but I felt lighter than I have in ages and a little happy. I haven’t been thrilled at my new position, which I have had for just over one year. I’ve had some really tough times, where I’ve beat myself up quite a bit. But as bad as it’s been, quitting was somehow something I couldn’t bring myself to do. Even when the move gave me an excuse, it was still hard to just walk away. I just have this feeling that I still have something left that I want to accomplish here before I can move on. It may be that I’ll actually get the chance. We’ll see. Either way, my conscience is clear. I’ve given them a two-month warning and if this idea doesn’t turn into a home office job with a few days a month in Munich, then I’ll turn in official notice at the end of the month. Then at least I know I’ve tried and been very fair to my employer.

Home office with a bit of travel, the chance to see friends in Munich and even keep my hair salon would be pretty great actually. It’s a bit early to be banking on this turning into anything. In the meantime, time to find an apartment!


2 responses to “Work Widowed (Take 2)

  1. Hope your job can make something work for you in your new situation – that would be a good option! Good for you for asking – at least you can get all the options on the table before deciding anything.

  2. All the best with your search …


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